Terms of Service

Who is behind this service?
Firo Solutions LTD a United Kingdom Company with number 10984534

What type of data is stored and why is it stored?
We store your email and an encrypted version of your password. We store this data to enable you to login. All letters are directly scanned and email and is not stored on the email server or any other place. Your payment details such as credit card is processed by Stripe Inc.

Are you a law enforcment agency or another goverment agency and want to contact us?
We can not give you a users password since its encrypted and we have no idea of what it is.
We can not give you a users ip address or similar data since we do not store any type of data
But we are happy to answer all your questions, We ask that you email them to legal at firosolutions dot com.

Illegal content
As a user you may not use our service to send or recieve mail/post that is illegal within the country of the postbox location

How do we protect your data?
Noone except our cherry-picked staff is allowed to handle the physical packages. We keep all softwares up to date and do not store the scanned in post. All our addresses are handled by certified staff with strict rules.

We take strong measurements in order to prevent all types of fraud. Due to our believe in privacy we do not enforce the user to submit more data to us then an email address and password. We do currently not enforce passport or id documents for our users.

GDPR and where is my data stored
Your data is stored within the EU and never traded or sent outside the EU
We try our best to keep the data only viewable to the user it belongs to

Loss of data
We are not responsible for any type of loss of data, we try our best to avoid any loss of data

If you misuse our service in a way we seem not good we will give you a 24 hour notice and then disable your account

If you are not happy with our service then we are happy to give you your money back

Since we are a UK company we are under UK law and therefor we comply with Anti money laundering laws. We do banking within the United Kingdom and use Stripe for credit card processing we are complying with both FACTA and CRS. Keep in mind: We are not exchanging any user information to third parties except for credit card details which is used for the credit card processing.